The Impact of Societal and Social Innovation.

  • 2016-12-02

書名:The Impact of Societal and Social Innovation.
作者:Lin, Carol Yeh-Yun(林月雲), Jeffrey Chen
出版:Springer Singapore
This book summarizes and synthesizes the data presented in a series of eleven SpringerBriefs volumes on “National Intellectual Capital and the Financial Crisis,” concerning the co-developments between NIC and GDP growth and describes the internal and external factors that influenced the relative success or failure of national strategies in weathering the crisis. The authors go on to explore the impacts of various policy reforms, including stimulus packages and consolidations employed around the world, with particular respect to the factors enhancing or impeding short-term recovery versus long-term growth. Finally, they propose a new model of “sustainable national intellectual capital” and challenge readers to consider how to pass on a healthy globe and harmonious society to the next generation.