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Operating on the principle of “human-centered, local innovation with mutually created value”, the center has accumulated extensive experience and formed a solid research foundation. This foundation is embodied in a network that has taken shape by filling out figures, from dot to dot and line to line, that now form a comprehensive and articulable system of practice-based innovation development. By emphasizing that this system requires an approach of interdisciplinary and inter-university collaboration and cooperation, we have formed a diverse, open, and creative platform by facilitating exchange and dialogue between academics and industry leaders, bridging various narratives with forums, workshops, and conferences, and melding ideas in regularly bringing together different research teams. The administration of projects like the “Innovation Studies - Management of Cultural and Creative Industries” project or the “Development of a Platform for Open Digital Tools – A Series for Publications on Freedom and Human Rights in Taiwan as an Example of Community Participation and Digital Humanities Research” exemplify interdisciplinary efforts, as we strive to employ innovative thinking in the exploration of culture and the humanities. Regarding collaboration across universities, the “An Exchange Hub for the Production of Cultural and Creative Industry Knowledge, Creative Value-adding, Commodification and Commercialization – A Practice-based Think Tank” project involves mutual collaboration between NCCU and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and  National Taiwan Normal University as part of the Ministry of Education Aim for the Top University - Innovation Studies Project, while the “GHFxTed Global Educational Innovation Hub Practice Project” engages faculty from various universities to employ creative thinking in the development of new forms of educational materials. These efforts demonstrate the center’s ability to serve as a platform for the synthesizing various disciplines and organizational resources.

Our innovative and creative abilities allow the center to transcend boundaries and think broadly in harnessing the momentum of various research projects and tasks to improve capacities for creativity and organizational innovation and strengthen and spread collaborative capabilities and social impact.